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Steel City Traction 2
West End Story

PWE map small

This map is looking due east. Click here for a larger version (70KB). It shows (in various colors) the routes that Pittsburgh Railways operated as of the late 1950s, which are the routes shown on the tape. Other PRC routes at the time are shown in black. A printed version of the map is included with the tape, or e-mail us and we will send you a copy by mail.

Panoramic Map of Pittsburgh Panoramic Map of Carnegie Panoramic Map of McKees Rocks
Pittsburgh at LC          Carnegie at LC          McKees Rocks at LC

These are the panoramic maps from the Library of Congress which were used in the tape. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image (200K-300K each). Click the link below each image to be taken to the Library of Congress website, where the map may be viewed at a variety of magnifications. If you like this sort of thing as much as we do, you will probably want to check out the LC's Panoramic Map page.

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