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Steel City Traction 2
West End Story

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PWE29 PWE36 PWE03 PWE33 PWE11 PWE41b PWE08 Steel City Traction 2: West End Story - Image of the front cover of the cassette case. 
See links below if you are in text mode and want to look at the images. Pittsburgh - a legend among American cities and once home to one of the world's greatest streetcar systems - rises from the point where two great rivers, the Monongahela and the Allegheny, join to form the mighty Ohio. The rugged hills and huge rivers give Pittsburgh an unmistakable topography and make for some of the most picturesque and noteworthy streetcar scenes in the world.

Steel City Traction 2: West End Story documents the final years of street railway operations on the city's West End, immediately prior to the conversion to bus in 1959. We take a day's journey just as a trolley enthusiast might, w ith complete coverage of Route 25 - Island Avenue, 26 - West Park, 27 - Carnegie, 28 - Heidelberg, 30 - Crafton-Ingram, and 34/31 - Elliott-Sheraden. All the points of interest on every line are covered - bridges, private right-of-way, single track. We even include some rare shots of Route 23 on Neville Island, and the Thornburg shuttle.

Steel City Traction 2: West End Story consists primarily of films photographed by Raleigh D'Adamo and Russ Jackson during the late 1950s, with additional footage by Charles Dengler, Art Ellis, and Richard Kehm. Approx. 48 minutes, almost all color.

Winner of the Bronze Telly Award, 2000.

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The Pennsylvania Trolley Museum (near Pittsburgh) operates several Pittsburgh and other Pennsylvania cars over track that was once part of Pittsburgh Railways's Washington interurban line.

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