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TROLLEY: The Cars That Built Our Cities

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TROLLEY: The Cars That Built Our Cities - Image of the front cover of the cassette case. TROLLEY: The Cars That Built Our Cities
is our most popular video. It brings to life the history of the streetcar and its influence on urban life. With a fast-paced mixture of rare and unusual footage from the 1890s through the 1990s, it shows urban rail transit in all its forms: horsecars, cable cars, steam elevateds, electric trolleys, subways, interurbans, and light rail - in the US and abroad. You'll see open cars and closed cars, single-truck and double-truck, Birneys and Peter Witts, and of course PCCs. You'll see some of the lighter side of trolleys, too: comical staged "accidents," a famous race between a trolley and an airplane, trolley "hostesses," and hot breakfasts served on a Dallas trolley.

You won't find a better-researched, livelier, more comprehensive introduction to the trolley, although if you are among the millions who have seen the abridged version on A&E or the History Channel, you've come close. Get the complete original!

Winner of the Gold Telly Award, 1999.

54 minutes

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